Welcome to Arkansas’ Diamond Lakes

Just imagine: five diamond lakes serving up thousands of acres of sparkling recreational waters and countless miles of shoreline fun. Space, blessed space. Lots of elbow room to fish, ski, swim, float, sail, rent a houseboat, cruise your party barge, spread a picnic, kick back and catch some rays on some of the cleanest, clearest waters on the planet.

There’s more: mountain streams meandering through pristine Ouachita Mountain countryside, easy floating, good fishing and honey holes for smallmouth bass and trout. We’re talking a water wonderland.

The five Diamond Lakes are Lake Ouachita and Lake Hamilton at Hot Springs, Lake Catherine near Malvern, Lake Greeson between Glenwood and Murfreesboro, and DeGray Lake at Arkadelphia. On their recreational menus are everything from top action for largemouth bass, striped bass, hybrid bass, and other gamefish species — to scuba diving, skiing, sailing, and shore camping and hiking trails to an island resort state park with an 18-hole championship golf course. Sound like your kind of vacation playground?

There’s more enjoyment on the Ouachita and Caddo Rivers, two of the best “family outing” streams in the state, ideal for floating with canoes and rafts. Avid anglers will also find lots to enjoy. These rivers provide great fishing for smallmouth bass, spotted bass, white bass and other species. On the Little Missouri River, anglers have their choice of great angling for smallmouth bass and rainbow trout.

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